Limits and Choices Coaching

you can give yourself limits or give yourself choices

Working with me

Hi! I’m Deirdre

I’m my own boss, coach and mentor working with teams or people on a one to one basis – in the business and non-profit world, with people who are self-employed and entrepreneurs or in companies.

My approach focuses on you; both as a person and a client. Based on over 20 years of experience of working with all levels of people, leading homes, families, jobs, companies- making up the total package of whole lives! Life is never one dimensional. YOU are not one dimensional!

I believe firmly in supporting and encouraging people – that’s you !…to be the best you can be, to get to know yourself better in order to discover and own your desires and intentions and consciously choose those that you believe worthy of pursuing.

My mantra is – you can give yourself limits or give yourself choices … both are useful in different situations….!

… So let’s work together to meet your day-to-day challenges, your bigger goals in sight and to be alive in your mind and body!


What we’ll do

My approach is about enabling you. To feel a tangible shift in your body, mind and behaviour.

You may want to shift things up (or back) a gear or two in your:

Relationships or friendships,
Your own motivation,
Personal growth and goals
Gain clarity about what matters to you
Manage a change or impending change in your life
Or dealing with an unplanned change
Or be more present in your day to day life, more mindful

So come and be prepared to work and talk, and chat and explore and doodle and work it …and own it!  Make those shifts. I believe you know your right answers, and through coaching we unlock and clarify  what you want, help you feel empowered and track accountability.

Whats your ‘what if…?’

My coaching and consulting services cover personal or leadership development, talent and succession management, career plans, relationships, life purpose, connecting with those around you, feeling and being grounded in your body.

I can help you live in your moment and with purpose, in business and in life.

Ready to get going?

Start your conversation… – contact me for a free 15 minute call/meeting/Skype (depending on your location) and explore what issue you want to make progress on.

Coaching is a powerful way, through dialogue to support you to make your  choices clearer and move them forward!

Whats’s the cost of NOT acting ?

For this new Decade there is an offer for a limited number of personal clients

  • for a 3-month coaching partnership for £299 (4 meetings up to 1 hour max each)
  • to focus on you, your goal and moving you forward.

Here to you and to your success

“If we were meeting here one year from today, and you were to look back over that year to today, what has to have happened, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy about your progress?” – Dan Sullivan


Working together

With Coaching you are creating a powerful alliance for yourself and your lifelong learning. I gained my Co-Active Coaching Certification from The Coaches Training Institute whilst working in the USA in 2004 and continuously update my skills and experience to help enable my clients succeed.

The process?
– We’ll use Powerful questions to start and explore what you’re seeking
– We’ll agree our coaching agreement, how we’re are going to work together
– We’ll assess where you are and understanding your base line
– You’ll clarify what you want, identify how to get there, what’s the blockers
– We’ll use some simple effective tools and exercises. I’ve a toolkit to help you
– Work through how you are going to get there and get committed
– You’ll do your homework and get your rate of return on your investment
– You’ll feel supported and challenged through your first steps or leaps to change
– You’ll be kept accountable and owning your own dreams and plans! Taking charge of you. Firing yourself up

…What are your limits and what are your choices?

My current programs include 1:1 60 minute sessions, email support and tips and resources

6 weeks – 3 sessions
3 months – 6 sessions
5 months – 10 sessions

Contact me for rates and a deposit to secure your spot


What folks say

“Working with Deirdre helped me clarify priorities at a time when I was stunned into immobility by all the changes facing me. Her approach is challenging but always compassionate and she has a knack for asking the right question at the right time. I particularly appreciated her ‘checking in’ on me in between sessions, I never felt left to deal with things on my own and she was always there to support me when I needed her.”

“I saw Deirdre during the second year of my business. This was a really challenging time, as the honeymoon period of being a brand new start up was over, yet being established was still in the distant future.
Deirdre’s coaching was invaluable. She helped me to organise my ideas and plans and also my thoughts. Creating focuses was key. Deirdre helped me to increase my confidence in my ability to manage and grow my business and now in year three, I am absolutely flying.”

“Having had the opportunity to talk through my present position and identify steps to get to the next step in my career was invaluable. Practical ideas and set tasks helped to nudge me out of my comfort zone and supported me to make decisions which have helped me secure my new job. Many thanks”


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