Limits and Choices Coaching

you can give yourself limits or give yourself choices

Working with me

Hi, I’m an independent consultant, coach and mentor working with teams or people on a one to one basis – in
corporate businesses/non-profits or with self-employed /entrepreneurs. Currently based in Troon, South Ayrshire  I can consult with international companies and coaching via  SKYPE, FaceTime or what can suit you.

My approach is individual and client focused and I continue learning from over 20 years’ experience working with
all levels of leaders in large FTSE 100 companies in the automotive, aerospace, utilities and financial services
sectors both in the UK and USA.

I have a passion for developing people, coaching, enabling individuals and teams be the best they can be.

I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute Personnel and Development. And among various development
and training I’ve trained and certified with the Coaches Training Institute in California.

I’m pretty flexible – but let’s set up some agreed times to talk.

Yes, it’s all confidential.

In coaching our one to ones can be help either or a combination of:

  • Face to face in person
  • Webcam (Skype/Facetime)
  • Phone

They’ll take place over a set agreed timescale which is usually three to six months – usually the minimum time to create longer lasting change.

My corporate experience has focused on leadership development, talent management, succession planning and coaching for emerging and established leaders.

You can give yourself limits or give yourself choices … in how you develop, develop you teams and your organisations.

Ready to get going?

Start your conversation… – contact me for a free 15-30 minute call/meeting/Skype (depending on your location) and explore what issue you want to progress on through coaching. Coaching is a powerful way, through dialogue to support you to you’re your choices clearer and move them forward!

Decide you want to do this?! Start to live powerfully and spring into action with your own coaching partnership to focus on you, your goals and moving forward. Between call support and resources will also be available.

Yours, to your success


What we’ll do

No cookie cutter solutions here!
We’ll keep it simple and straightforward and keep talking to make sure things are going as planned and you are happy with the results emerging.

It will be confidential and aspects of information shared only as agreed upfront.

Coaching can be by phone or Skype,  however in person where possible.

Team sessions need to take place in person to make them work, we need to see the whites of each other’s eyes for effective team building – so my approach is to discuss and gain views and let’s diagnose what’s needed and how we’ll go about it.


Working together


– Agree the outcome – what will the team do better individually and/or together once our work is done

– Agree how we’ll work together: confidentiality, timescale, who needs to know what, by when

– We’ll use conversation, tools and exercises

– We’ll work on an individual basis and collectively as needed

– We’ll make changes, review, discuss, keep going, track your progress

– You’ll celebrate your success


The process?

– We’ll use Powerful questions to start and explore what you’re seeking – job, career, family, relationships, change…

– We’ll assess where you are and understanding your base line

– We’ll clarify what you want, identify how to get there, what’s the blockers

– We’ll use some simple effective tools and exercises, I’ve a toolkit to help you

– Work through ways of getting there and get committed

– Feel supported through your first steps…or leaps to change

– Keep you accountable and owning your own dreams and plans! Taking charge of you

…What are your limits and what are your choices?


What we’ll do

I can work individually with emerging or established leaders to help build your bench strength for the future of your business

– Lets agree what skills, knowledge behaviours you would like your leaders to display

– What do the individuals think, how do they learn, what are their goals

– What options are there for them to absorb, learn, demonstrate these?

– On the job, class room input, mentoring, coaching

– Lets agree ways that work for you, your business, and the individuals to get there

– Agree budget, reviews, timescales and get on with it


What folks say

“If we were meeting here one year from today, and you were to look back over that year to today, what has to have happened, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy about your progress?” – Dan Sullivan

Coaching works. Get in touch.

“…Thanks a lot Deirdre, the guys got a lot from the Team session and it has inspired thoughts and discussions on really getting to the nub of our customers needs starting with Empathy, and also being pure of mind when approaching design tasks amongst others…. I think the ways of team working would benefit all levels of leaders and have a profound impact if supported from the top.
Thanks again…”



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