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Working with me

Alongside my corporate coaching and HR career I have also been developing and coaching women in another colourful and connecting way. I’ve been belly dancing since 1989, discovering my hips’ purposes while travelling through Egypt. I’m qualified in Josephine Wise’s Academy of Arabic Dance (JWAAD) in London and continue to progress in Teacher Training Tribal Bellydance through Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® in Portland OR, USA, attaining my Master Teacher status in 2014.

I’m excited to share my learning of this earthy, funky, connecting dance! I use my knowledge of the culture and history of the dance to underpin classes and hope to encourage all students to develop an understanding and respect and enjoyment of all styles of bellydance. I’m also certified in Pilates mat training and practice yoga and teach this to complement working with the core.


What we’ll do

Thinking of having a team event to raise awareness about health – mind, body and spirit?

I can customize workshops for groups, either team days, or series of workshop interventions for women’s groups, or teams in private and non-profit.

Discussions on managing energy, stress, wellness, mind and body balance through a blend of ways depending on your goals:

  • Facilitated discussions
  • Journaling
  • Visualisation and meditation
  • Mindfulness- techniques for being in the moment, self-awareness, connection
  • Interactive group moves and fun learning  using basic world dance moves
  • Group movement and dance

Contact me to discuss and develop a process or event for your team


Tribal Bellydance

  • This is an exciting contemporary blend of ancient dance forms, drawn from many roots including Egypt, India, Africa and Spain.
  • It is a group dance, Gypsy-like in feeling. In twos or many more dancers and based on learning moves so that you can dance ‘in the moment’ with others to some fabulous music.
  • It’s a great way to meet others and to exercise, reaching the core muscles to develop strength, stamina and flexibility and, ultimately your self-confidence.
  • Deirdre is the UK’s only Master Teacher of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance®, a format developed by Paulette Rees-Denis of Oregon, USA. It is a dance that is now global, uniting the tribes one set of hips at a time.
  • More info – link to

I am proud to be working with Paulette and directing this new dance venture and collaboration to spread the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® love in the UK! Read on… the door could be open for an invitation for your hips to shimmy on thru. If you would love to invite us to your Festival or Show to perform please get in touch…..

“Coming together. Dancers in different corners of the world, with a chosen guide, to use this format, to connect and strengthen the bonds and our personal dance, to have a great time. Linked over the internet in a variety of ways, sometimes about performing, sometimes about the connection and the study, to become our best, to highlight our individual heartfelt awesomeness and share it with others.” – (Paulette Rees-Denis)

November 2014 saw the Caravan Project UK’s debut performance – all from different parts of the UK – dancing, enjoying, spreading the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance® love….woo hoo, tribal rocks! We have performances planned on an on-going basis so watch out for some Tribal fun!

Watch us at Majma in Glastonbury in March 2017:


Workshops, festivals & holidays

I pride myself on being an energetic and professional teacher. My philosophy is to “move your body, explore the moves, challenge, connect and have fun while teaching challenging workshops and classes”. I’m passionate about “inspiring and coaching others through the adventure of improvisational bellydance”. I’ve taught at great UK festivals including Jewel of Yorkshire, Majma, Fantasia, Tribal Goddess, Glasgow Festival of Arabic Dance (GFAD) and BellyFusions in Paris and the Torino Quest in Turin. My workshops range from Technique, Moves and Combinations to Styling and using Props. You’ll also get a chance to enjoy and explore dancing in the moment…without choreography!
I offer a range of workshops or I can custom design something that works for specially for you …

2017 – Although based in Madrid I’ve had a great time connecting here with dancers, and I’ve also been on the road to the UK , to festivals, workshops and teaching Collective Soul Intensives. also studying with Paulette Rees-Denis

..And performing with the Caravan Project UK, Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International in Florida, and in Madrid with Melanie as Gypsy Caravan Colectivo!

And training and performing at Tribal Quest in Florida in May 2017.

A very short collage of a great dance year!



Catch Deirdre at one of the Events below or invite her to you!

Join us for Collective Soul to Review or Start your Collective Soul journey – dates below and details under Certifications

Keep checking back as events and certifications opportunities being added !

Saturday 10th February  –  Troon, South Ayrshire
Dancers Workshop – Put a Sparkle in Your Shimmy!  – 11.30-1pm

Saturday 3rd March-Nottingham
Daytime workshop (details tbd)
Hafla Performance at night for On a Ravens Wing

Friday -Sunday 6-8th April -Tribal Goddess, Durham
Lots of GC workshops as part of Weekend!

Saturday June 2nd -Glasgow Glasgow Festival of Arabic Dance (GFAD)
Workshops with Lorna Gow (Lorna of Cairo) and Drumming with Asif Qu and Showcase Performance at night

Collective Soul Intensives for 2018!

in Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland (tbc)

Collective Soul Level One – 29/30 May

NEW! Teacher Training Level One ! May 31/June 1st

Collective Soul Level Two – 3/4 June

Collective Soul Level Three – 27/28 September

Collective Soul Level Four – 29/30 September











From January 2017 I will be based in Madrid, Spain for a while! Ole!

My weekly classes in South Ayrshire, Troon, Scotland will be taught by the fabby Eleanor Shirkie! they take place from September through June each year.

And I teach workshops regularly if you have no local teacher. Tribal Style Bellydancing is an exciting contemporary blend of ancient dance forms, drawn from many roots including Egypt, India, Africa and Spain. It is a group dance, Gypsy-like in feeling. In twos or many more dancers and based on learning moves so that you can dance ‘in the moment’ with others to some fabulous music.

It’s a great way to meet others and to exercise, reaching the core muscles to develop strength, stamina and flexibility and ultimately your self-confidence. No need to show your belly if you don’t want to! You can wear any type of clothing that you can move in such as: leggings, gym/crop trousers, sport tops, midriff tops, any form fitting top, sweatshirts, pantaloons, skirts… but no big baggy t-shirts as seeing your posture is important. Dance shoes , pumps or slippers or bare feet please and bring some fabric, a belt or a scarf to tie around your hips.

Want to join in the fun? Got questions? Want some classes on SKYPE, FaceTime, in person?

Email me at, or call me in Spain +34 684 345 451

7-8pm Beginners Class

The class will be suitable for complete beginners and those with some previous experience of Tribal Style Bellydance.

Classes include warming-up, cooling down, and learning basic moves and combinations and dancing together.

To buy before term starts in September

8-9pm Improvers Class

For those who have previously taken a couple of terms of tribal style bellydancing this is a great way to further your dance repertoire of moves and combinations, build on your confidence and enjoyment of this fabulous dance, and increase your stamina and flexibility. This class may be taken by itself however, it is recommended to be taken along with the earlier class so that you are fully warmed up and not forgetting core moves and technique.



Dig deeper! The Collective Soul Certifications are a Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® twelve-hour (usually two-days)  intensives to help you be the best dancer you can be. As a Master Teacher I now offer Collective Soul Levels 1, 2 and 3 and even 4

– dates are planned well in advance to allow you as students to prepare, practice and build their knowledge before the two days.

NEW! I am now delighted to offer Teacher Training Level One in the Gypsy Caravan format! (15 hours over Two days)

  • Improve your technique with Gypsy Caravan Beginning Level One and Two moves and Three, building over each certification. Learn new steps and refine the moves you already know
  • Build your confidence as a dancer, leading and following
  • Strengthen your improvisational skills
  • Learn rhythm identification and different zil patterns, and start to dance with them!
  • Participate in discussions about tribal bellydance history, artistry, and integrity.
  • Have a great time dancing together as a circle of women, building and feeling the community spirit of this dance!


Gather Your tribe for Collective Soul Tribal Bellydance Intensive Certification courses… dance hard, honour and celebrate our dance and ourselves!

Join Master Teacher, Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®, Deirdre Macdonald, UK and Madrid, in the Courses below or she can lead you in your home area through our two-day intensive (6 hours each) in your local area where you have four or more dancers gathered!

Commit to yourself and get ready for your 2018 gift to yourself and your dance:

REVIEW or START or CONTINUE your journey

Collective Soul Intensives for 2018!

in Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland (exact location tbc)

Collective Soul Level One – 30/31 May

Collective Soul Level Two – 31 May/1 June

Collective Soul Level Three – 27/28 September

Collective Soul Level Four – 29/30 September

Use the PAYPAL button to reserve your space, pay your deposit, book your spot!

£100 (Non-refundable deposit), £325 total for Troon based courses, Discount for taking Two and Review Price)

NEW!!!!  Teacher Training Level One GCTB®

May 31/June 1st 2018 
£725  (£110 non-refundable deposit required to secure your spot!)

This program will cover:

History of Tribal Bellydance
Paulette’s/GCTB® teaching philosophy
Body Awareness/Warm-Up Exercises
Development of Teaching Abilities and voice
Personal Critique of dance technique and skills
Development of teaching format, class structure, and dance curriculum
Business applications
Teacher Training Manual, copyrighted and for your own personal use




Choose your deposit

Keep watching for more Levels, dates and places to be added

Collective Soul Intensives: Our desire is

  • to guide you to follow your dance dreams
  • to teach you dance technique, strength training, and body awareness skills
  • to assist you in acknowledging and becoming the artist you are/can be
  • to challenge and empower you as a dancer
  • to honour your body, your spirit, and your mind
  • to joyfully bring you together with other like-minded dancers and join a global sisterhood

Contact me to set up dates and details

  • phone07561 224 080 or +34 684 345 451

What CS students have said

  • “ I love this style of dancing, I love the fact that you can improvise moves within a group of dancers wherever you go, it’s like learning the alphabet and exploring each letter to perfection it and give it your own unique twist/signature enjoying the playful side interacting with the dancers. It brings you out your comfort zone to give you confidence. It’s addictive in a way that you could keep on dancing and forget everything happening outside.”
  • “A deeper understanding of moves and a tightening of technique. Being sure of techniques has boosted my confidence”
  • “I felt fit and energised after several hours of dancing over 2 days… I needed that, and could do with that level of exercise and application on a weekly basis!”
  • “Oh wow, it’s all about the fun! Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work, but the fun factor was always there. It’s so enjoyable. Such an amazing group of people to share the experience with, it was always going to be fab fun! The social side of this course was amazing and all round a brilliant confidence booster! I’ve made friends and memories I’ll never forget.”
  • “I’m so completely and utterly proud of my certificate. I worked hard for it, and it’s framed in my front room! It also means I can move on to the next level :)”
  • “Pleased that I’d got through the challenges set, and came out the other end feeling confident, encouraged and fired up. (In no small measure thanks to Deirdre’s teaching and coaching skills.) Fired up to practice GC…”

Hear more from Pauletee Rees-Denis about Collective Soul




Watch the magic

I am a member of Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International, loving dancing with all or some of these fabulous women when I can! Tribal is a group dance however sometimes I will perform solo when circumstances necessitate. Enjoy these performances to get a flavour of tribal magic…

...And also a quick overview of what I got up to and the lovely dancers I met in 2016:

Tribal Fest May 2015, Sebastapol, California with Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International. Watch our perfomance!

Open Stage in Madrid June 2017 - Gypsy Caravan Style with Deirdre Macdonald and Melanie Swisher

Majma March 2017. Caravan Project UK, with dancers from Scotland, England and Wales